What is the ultimate anti aging workout?

What is the ultimate anti aging workout?

Looking for the ultimate anti-aging workout? If you think it involves doing hours of exercise, lots of aerobics, lifting weights and yoga, you will be surprised at how the “new science”, is proving this to not be the case for most of us.
If you find your self stiff, inflexible, in pain, exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed out…doing all that exercise isn’t your answer. You first need to learn the importance of relaxed, slow, specific movement designed to release , unbind and hydrate those sheaths of fascia that connect our entire body. Trying to do weight lifting to get stronger before you relax and release your bound fascia and connective tissue is like putting on the gas and the brake. Relaxing and releasing your tight, constricted muscles ( tendons and ligaments) must be done next. This not only allows you to feel so much better in your body, it also allows your nervous system to relax. Stress is the #1 killer and this is one way to begin to combat the physical stress you are feeling.
Then you can go in and begin to find those muscles that need to be strengthened. This is an “inside job” that happens when you are doing your relax and release type classes. Now that you’ve relaxed, released the tight, inflexible, constricted areas in your body and you’ve found and strengthened those muscles that are weak, now you are FIT to do any other type of activity you enjoy. This is how you get your body FIT and stay fit for the rest of your life. Want to also condition your cardiovascular system? Now you are FIT to do this type of activity. I love walking because it’s full body and once you are able to put your body into proper alignment, the results you get will shock you.
There you have it…the ultimate anti-aging workout.

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