Top 10 Things to Buy in Korea | KOREA TRAVEL GUIDE

Top 10 Things to Buy in Korea | KOREA TRAVEL GUIDE

Here are my top 10 souvenir recommendations for Korea! There are so many great products in Korea and sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to bring home. Unfortunately luggage space is always limited, so I hope this video will help narrow down your shopping list a bit 😀

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Recommended shopping areas:
Myeongdong – for beauty and fashion
Hongdae – for clothing and accessories
Gwangjang Market – Hanbok, utensils, cookware and traditional souvenirs

Items mentioned in this video (prices included for reference – 1000 won is about 1 USD):
1. Korean Utensils (from 2000 won and up)
2. Hair Care Products (about 5000 won)
– Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo & Evening Primrose Scalp/Volume Conditioner
– Mise en Scene Hair Oil
3. Mini Hair Tools (15000 won to 25000 won)
4. Face Masks (1000 won and up)
5. Pimple Patches (about 5000 won for a pack)
6. Ramyun Noodles (1000 won and up)
7. Oh Yes Chocolate Cake (about 5000 won if I remember correctly)
8. Accessories (1000 won and up, earrings usually 5000-10000 won, hair bands usually 10000-20000 won)
9. Phone Cases (generally 5000-20000 won)
10. Hanbok-Related Items (price varies for Hanbok: casual hanbok usually around 100000 won, custom made high-end hanbok usually 300000 won. Other hanbok-themed items cost as little as 1000 won)
BONUS RECOMMENDATION: Pet Clothes (price varies, usually between 10000-20000 won)

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