"The Ordinary" Best Affordable Skin Care For Acne and Anti Ageing | Electra Snow

"The Ordinary" Best Affordable Skin Care For Acne and Anti Ageing | Electra Snow

The Ordinary Skin care Products Review!!!

These products have blown me away with how good they are for the price!!!

I have been into skin care ever since i suffered from severer acne as a teenager, and although these products aren’t the most advanced of formulas, nor would i say that they are the best of the best from what is out there… But with that said for the effects that they have on the skin and their price point, they definitely pack a punch and do what you want from skin care.

A lot of the time when it comes to skin care and anti ageing products, the cheaper products on the market never really cut it to do the job, however these do!!!! That is why i’ve been so impressed with them.

One or two might become my new favourites, i’ll always supplement more skin care into my routine if it works!!!

Some are grate with being pure ingredients for creating skin care… But most of the products might not have the most cutting edge formulas to be able to compete with a lot of the higher end anti ageing products, but they do exactly what they are suppose to do and cost a fraction of the price… so who’s complaining?!!!

These would be great for anyone just getting into skin care, or for anyone that is still a bit of a skin care nerd and just wants products that work at a fraction of the price!!!



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