The face-lifting workout for your face

The face-lifting workout for your face

I was sent to try this hands-on facial to write about it for the Mail on Sunday (the piece is online, link below) and did this video to show what it’s like. It’s a really thorough ‘workout’ for all your face muscles, put together by the people at Facegym ( in London and it really puts your face -muscles through their paces, and wipes away stress and tension in the process.
Also, at the end of the treatment I was treated with the Face Gym Pro device which, as you’ll see, has a remarkable ability to lift up the cheeks and around the eye (and yes, I got evened up by the end). These face workouts cost from £45, at Selfridges in London and at the Facegym studio on the Kings Road. I didn’t pay for this treatment because it was for work but I have been known to nip into FaceGym for a quick facial refresh and pay like a normal person (rather than as a pampered beauty ed) – that’s how highly I rate these treatments.
The link to the story in the Mail should also show you some face exercises you can do at home. l


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