Pro Boxer Avril Mathie Interviews Ken Swartz About Carbon 60 (C60)

Pro Boxer Avril Mathie Interviews Ken Swartz About Carbon 60 (C60)

“Pro Boxer Avril Mathie Interviews Ken Swartz About Carbon 60 (C60)”

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ABOUT C60, or CARBON 60:

Numerous scientific studies have discovered Carbon 60, or C60, has positive health-enhancing properties for both animals and plants. Carbon 60 is 172 times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. Carbon 60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.

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About Ken the Scientist:

Ken Swartz, aka “Ken the Scientist,” is the founder of C60 Purple Power, a wellness innovation company committed to delivering the highest quality Carbon 60 supplements available.

Ken earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University. He spent the early part of his career as a secondary school teacher, and he continues to be passionate about helping and educating people.

He has run several research science laboratories over the course of his career and discovered C60 while developing the MOXY fusion reactor. During his research, he became aware of the powerful free radical neutralizing properties of Carbon 60.

He first began using Carbon 60 as a radiation protectant while participating in a fusion reactor project. He noticed, after taking C60 for a couple of months, that not only was it protecting him from the radiation, it was improving his overall health. So, he continued taking it.

About 7 months after Ken started taking Carbon 60, he was at a routine visit with his optometrist and discovered that his dry Macular Degeneration had completely disappeared. The doctor was dumbfounded and told him that in all his years, he had never seen such a miraculous outcome. Due to this healing experience, he decided to dedicate himself to the research, study, and production of C60 Buckminster Fullerenes. He founded C60 Purple Power which offers Carbon 60 supplements made with Certified Organic oils and 99.99% Pure C60 sourced in the U.S.

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Disclaimer: C60 Purple Power products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.


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