Phytoceramides BEWARE:4 things to consider before buying

Phytoceramides BEWARE:4 things to consider before buying

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Phytoceramides – BEWARE — 4 things to consider BEFORE you buy.

The Phytoceramide supplement video details a background on phytoceramides and discusses 4 crucial areas consumers should analyze before buying.

These are

1. The addition of vitamins in some brands

2. The dangers of foreign Phytoceramide capsules

3. The length of time to see results with a Phytoceramide supplement

4. The crucial aspect of how the Phytoceramide is derived – This has been clinically proven to be the KEY to results.

The video also covers the PROVEN skin benefits of Phytoceramides in addition to how they work and what type of results you can expect.

The video discusses how Phytocermides were featured on Dr Oz and were called the natural face lift supplement with Dr Leif Rogers saying they DO reverse some of the signs of aging.

Unfortunately many suppliers sell sub-standard Phytoceramides. They are either

1. Pumped up with nasty fillers and binders to make the dosage look bigger but it actually reduces the effectiveness of the phytoceramide supplement

2. They are produced from cheaper wheat phytoceramides. If you want phytoceramides gluten free this is obviously of no use, but the issue is bigger than that. In a 2001 clinical study rice based phytoceramides like the one offered by Purely Holistic was PROVEN to be vastly more effective that wheat based ceramides. In fact they were almost 3 times as effective as wheat based ceramides.

The same study also proved that Rice derived Ceramides produce a higher growth rate in Fibroblast Cells than other plant derived Ceramides.

Fibroblast are active cells concerned with the maintenance of tissue such as skin.

So you should look for phytoceramide pills that are rice based, made in the USA and do not have additional fillers.


Our market leading Phytoceramide Capsules are 100% pure and manufactured in the USA derived from rice for maximum results to reduce your fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

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