OUMERE Skin Care Evening Anti-Aging Regimen for Men

OUMERE Skin Care Evening Anti-Aging Regimen for Men

In the evening, your routine begins using the Oil Dissolution Theory Cleanser.
Oil Dissolution Theory is your moisturizing cleanser and it will maintain your skin’s hydration as it cleanses. First mix the oil and water layers by swishing the bottle side to size so that the cleanser is thoroughly mixed. Then apply a quarter-sized amount to clean hands and apply to the face. We recommend applying to dry skin so that the cleanser can directly interact with your skin for the best cleansing results. Massage the cleanser into the skin for 30-60 seconds. Focus on areas that tend to see more clogging and oil production. You may feel some grits on your fingertips as you massage the cleanser into your skin, these are blackheads being released from your skin. After the cleanser has been fully massaged into the skin, rinse the cleanser off completely with cool water and pat dry with a towel.

After cleansing, apply the No. 9 Chemical Exfoliant.
Apply about a quarter sized amount of No. 9 onto a cotton pad and blot into skin. Make sure to apply enough to cover the entire face but do not put too much on so that the skin feels too wet. Doing so could cause skin dryness. We advise letting the No. 9 sit on the skin for up to 30 minutes, the longer it sits, the more it works. For those who are new to using No. 9, we recommend starting off with just letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, and over one month work your way up to the full 30 minutes.

The next step is to apply your Eye Serum.
Place a few drops of serum into the palm of your hand and dab the serum with your fingertip. Press the serum into the skin starting at the under eye area and move upwards towards the outer eyebrow area. Let the serum sink into the skin for one minute.

After the allotted time has past, apply UV-R.
Apply about 10-15 drops to clean hands and press into the skin. You can use as much UV-R as you desire. Wait one minute to allow the serum to seep into the skin.

After one minute, apply Serum Bioluminelle.
Shake the bottle side to side to mix the oil and water layers. Once thoroughly mixed, dispense about a dime-sized amount of Serum Bioluminelle into your hands, and press the serum into the skin.

You can purchase the complete regimen at www.oumere.com


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