Only Fruits & Horses

Only Fruits & Horses

Welcome back to my channel guys, this video was meant to be a beneficial one but we ended up being stupid so heres a list of some fruits and their benefits:
WATERMALOOON (watermelon) – Keeps you hydrated, Relieves muscle soreness, Improves heart health.
Apples – Aid weight loss, Lowers risk of type 2 Diabetes, Promotes good bacteria in the stomach.
Mango – Promotes eye health, Helps with digestion, Good for skin, Aids with weight loss.
Kiwis – Good source of vitamin C/K/E and potassium. Good source of fibre and contains lots of antioxidants.
Cherries – Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, Helps with arthritis and gout, can improve quality of sleep, can help recovery with DOMS.
Banana – Aids digestion, helps fight gastrointestinal issues, good source of energy.
oranges – Prevents skin damage, Lowers cholesterol, boosts immune system.
Grapes – High in antioxidant which may prevent chronic diseases, Beneficial for heart health, Decreases blood sugar levels.
Guava – Benefits digestive system, Aids in weight loss, Helps boost immunity.
Strawberries – Aids with healthy vision, Helps prevent cancer, Lowers cholesterol, Good source of fibre.
Grapefruit – Aids with weight loss, Reduces the risk of kidney stones, Helps boost immune system, Aids weight loss.
Blackberries – Lowers blood pressure, Protects against heart disease, Improves mental health.
Avocado – Full of fibre, Contain more potassium than bananas, can lower cholesterol.
Plums – Can reduce risk of many chronic diseases, Good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.
Raspberries – Can help prevent against diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, They can also have an anti-ageing affect.
Pears – Full of anti-oxidants, very low in calories, supports with weight loss.
Pomegranate – Anti-inflammatory, Can prevent cancer, Aids in lowering blood pressure.


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