My NMN Third Party Test Results

My NMN Third Party Test Results

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Many people have commented on and questioned the quality of the NMN that I take, asking how can I be sure it is real?
Also, repeating anecdotal comments on plethora fake sellers on Alibaba, so I finally had my NMN checked.
Why did it take so long?
What were the results?
Let’s take a look!
Why did it take so long?
As we all know there has been a lot of chatter lately in the NMN community about keeping NMN chilled etc.
So, I have been looking for a laboratory where I can send my NMN
Somewhere it hopefully won’t get held up in customs for weeks.
So somewhere close to the Middle East
My search was very comprehensive; I sent e-mails to many Labs, some of which took a long time to answer my questions, or partly answer them and then take another few weeks to fully answer them
I will do a video on all the companies that I found that can test your NMN and the prices they charge in the near future.
So, let’s jump into my test results. This is the first time I have used this ‘watch my screen’ software, so please bear with me.
So, you can see here that the laboratory I used was CET SCIENTIFIC SERVICES they have laboratories in Singapore and Malaysia (I will leave a link in the description below to their website)
I sent my NMN via DHL it cost $80 to send and it was at their Lab in Singapore within 36 hours
Cost of the test was in Singapore Dollars S$350 (which is $258)
The score as you can see purity is 98.7%. The COA from Helin was 99.35% so the difference is 0.65%, which I think is good, please let me know what you think – is less than 1% difference acceptable?
This is the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) graph; can anyone explain what this actually shows?
Heavy metals levels were also okay (very low), I will do a more detailed video on heavy metal testing and we can use my results against a toxicity scale.
So, for those who were concerned about the quality, I hope this helps.
A point of caution, my test just shows that the batch of NMN that I received was of an acceptable quality, this doesn’t mean that all Chinese NMN sellers on Alibaba etc. is pure
Indeed, it doesn’t mean that the ALL the NMN that Henan Kaixiang Biological sell is pure, so if you buy in bulk, I would urge you to test you NMN too or only buy from a seller on Amazon or eBay that can show you third party test certificates.
And please, this isn’t a recommendation to buy from the supplier I use.
Well, thanks for watching, take care and see you soon, bye for now.

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Video: Pexels, Oscar Due Wang
Audio: Mrs. Zazzara by Loxbeats Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library k