Kinven Zheng Lesya Tsurenko: prediction and rate of Ilya Rodin

<p>I want to introduce you to the Chinese woman Kinven Zheng. Mark my words this is the future of Asian and not only tennis. I once said the same about Arina Sobolenko, who went everywhere, just not to the court. And who Arina became? I started following Zheng since last year from ITF tournaments.</p>

<p>Honestly, I don’t know why Kinven plays not so many tournaments and quite a few tournaments of the WTA series, most likely, the young Chinese woman is gradually being prepared for a more adult level. Whatever development vector Quinven’s coaches accept, it is unambiguous that the Chinese woman will receive laurels, at least Li Na! Quinwen is unusually powerful for a Chinese woman and has a super powerful serve, plays in a super aggressive manner with constant pressure.</p>Go to the official website of the bookmaker <a href=””>1win</a> and register right now in Ukraine and get a bonus on your first deposit.

<p>The Chinese woman’s tennis style is absolutely not Asian, but it bears fruit. Kinven, despite her 19 years old, has already won two ITF series titles this year with fewer tournaments. Add to these titles four victories in the 2020 season and get the 158th number in the world ranking! Very close to the top 100!</p>

<p>I understand very well that I get a one-sided forecast. I am more than sure that you know who Lesya Tsurenko is, but I introduced you to a Chinese woman.</p>

<p>Let’s play the new generation of Chinese tennis?!</p>

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Photo: Quinn Rooney / Getty Images Sport</p>

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