Katy Bowman: Nutritious Movement: The Anti-Workout #41, The Life Stylist Podcast

Katy Bowman: Nutritious Movement: The Anti-Workout #41, The Life Stylist Podcast

Do you exercise? If so, have you ever considered the fact that your distant ancestors probably didn’t? Natural-living human beings of the past didn’t need to ‘exercise,’ because their day to day lifestyle likely included enough natural movement to keep them fit and healthy. They also managed to avoid so many of the chronic health problems and dysfunctional physical limitations that we now face as a civilization. 

As we have devolved into our current sedentary lifestyle, most of us have worked hard to eliminate and outsource as much movement as possible. Meaning, we have come to the point that our normal bodily movement is so limited that we have to take breaks from our daily routine to squeeze in an allotted time to move around. And this moving around is what we now call exercise. 

But what if there was a way to build habits of functional movement into our regular activities, without having to make a special appointment at a gym, or with a trainer? In this episode with natural movement pioneer and author Katy Bowman, we learn how to re-contextualise how we use our bodies, and how to incorporate movement as the crucial bodily nutrient that nature designed it to be. 

By learning how to avoid many familiar, yet damaging fitness routines, and turning your workspace and home into a movement gym, you’ll see your body and how it is meant to move and operate from a whole new perspective. 

Katy’s message serves as a powerfully simple, and practical approach to functional movement and mobility. This is a perfect episode to share with your gym rat friends, and couch potatoes alike. We all need to move it, or we’ll lose it. But moving it the way it’s meant to move is the only way to create lasting health and fitness. 

Episode Breakdown

What is the purpose and intention for building a movement practice?
What movement practice can do for us that a gym can’t?
The different between mobility and flexibility
Fashion vs comfort: can we have one without sacrificing the other?
Healthy feet and decent-looking footwear – possible?
How to transition into a barefoot practice without hurting yourself
Tricks of geometry in fashion for the illusion of a powerful body
How to create a jungle gym at home while still maintaining style & decor
Standing desks and recommendations on mobilizing your work station so it’s suitable for productivity and health
Poop: learn how to evacuate more naturally
Lifestyle recommendations

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