How to look younger, Instant youth in minutes with 24K Gold Beauty Bar

How to look younger, Instant youth in minutes with  24K Gold Beauty Bar

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The unique 24K gold probe is specially made to sculpts, lift and move smoothly to the contours of our face and body. The “Instant Youth Gold Bar” provides 6000 ion micro-vibrations per minute to stimulate the growth of skin cells and improve skins brightness, firmness and elasticity giving you glowing, youthful and radiant skin all in one tool! The Instant Youth Gold Bar is specially shaped to target drooping jaw lines, sloped/tired eyes, puffy eyes, crow’s feet, frown lines and those pesky neck lines. With ONLY 3 minutes a day, this bar gives you instant lift and radiance back into your skin. The Instant Youth Gold Bar Y-shaped probe is 24K plated and with contact with the skin it stimulates the growth of skin cells, boosts metabolism, lymph and blood circulation delivery anti-aging results everytime. The Instant Youth Gold Bar sleek and waterproof design can be used alone, with face lotion or even in the shower, making it a very handy tool to use anytime and anywhere.

– Instantly tightens and lifts skin
– Quick face lift with 6000 times ion micro-vibrations per minute
– 24K gold plating enrich the skin and promote blood circulation
– Restores skin radiance, firmness and elasticity
– Lifts tired eyes
– Smooths puffy eyes and crow’s feet
– Smooth outs frown lines & wrinkles
– Improves neck wrinkles and lifts droopy skin
– Improves circulation for glowing skin
– Contours face and drains water retention for a slim V-shape
– Relaxes facial muscles

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