Grow Long Relaxed Hair: One Thing I Wish I Knew Earlier

Grow Long Relaxed Hair: One Thing I Wish I Knew Earlier

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How to grow long black, African American, relaxed hair faster

Our hair does grow slightly slower than Caucasian hair. However, my point that breakage, not growth, is our main problem, still stands. Also, I forgot to mention that there is a difference in the active ingredient when it comes to lye versus no lye relaxers. Lye relaxers have sodium hydroxide while no lye relaxers, which is actually what I use, use a different counter ion with hydroxide instead of sodium.

How I grew my relaxed hair long, past shoulder length, and closer to mid back length, approaching wast length. I talk about the major thing that I attributed to my long black African american hair growth and I also discuss things such as my relaxed hair care routine and regimen, protective styling, as well as the type of brand of relaxer I use, stretching, how long I wait before relaxing my new growth, and the products I like to use on my relaxed hair.
I do not grow my black hair fast with vitamins, but I have tried biotin before. I stopped due to the breakouts it caused on my skin but I do know that they can grow black hair faster naturally. You can try to grow black hair long, strong, and fast using home remedies, as well, but none have worked for me. Overall, learning how to grow long healthy relaxed hair is not hard. It many not happen overnight, but patience is key. Black relaxed hair can grow!
I akso anwser questions like Why does black hair grow so slow?
How to grow relaxed hair faster and more quickly. Ways to grow hair faster for black women, super fast hair growth

Tutorials for protective styles:
Sew in tutorial-
Fast Box Braids Tutorial- s


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