Everything about Glutathione by Dermatologist Dr.LIV

Everything about Glutathione by Dermatologist Dr.LIV

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Hello dear YouTube Dr Liv Skincare family members
so happy that i finally made it to post another video. This time about the big topic particular in India “Glutathion”. Is glutathione worth the hype? Can glutathione whiten my skin? Do glutathione pills work? Are glutathione pils safe? What is glutathione? Which food has glutathione?
Watch my video to help you to understand the molecule glutathione much better.
Hugs yours
Dr Liv Kraemer 🌺

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Dankeschön! ♡

big hug
Dr. Liv
about Dr. Liv

Who is Dr Liv Kraemer and
Why does she love Skincare and Skinfood?

Doctor Liv Kraemer (M.D., PhD) is a board-certified Dermatologist with a focus on Cosmeceuticals, aesthetic and preventative dermatology.

Before acquiring her academic and professional qualifications, she worked in the fashion industry for many years. This background gives her a unique and unusual perspective on both, medicine and beauty.

Today, Dr Liv is a specialist in aesthetic and lifestyle dermatology.
In her Boutique Dr. Liv Clinic in Zurich she focuses on skincare, skinfood and natural beauty.

Doctor Liv Kraemer is a frequent speaker in different aesthetic medicine, cosmetic conferences, but also on seminars and conferences

Dr. med. Liv Kraemer has been featured in numerous media articles such as in the NZZ am Sonntag, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Gala-Switzerland, intouch, Instyle, Cover Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vertigo Magazine, Flair, Bunte, Body and Soul, Friday, Handelsblatt, etc.

She is member of different scientific and medical societies and expert organisations.

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