Effective Anti-Aging Night time Routine [ENG SUBS] feat. FOREO LUNA

Effective Anti-Aging Night time Routine [ENG SUBS] feat. FOREO LUNA

I’m sure there are or will be times when you look at a selfie and realize how time ages you! However, these lines that appear on our faces isn’t all bad, they reflect all the memories we have experienced throughout our lives and we start to appreciate the people and things around us more! Fortunately we can also slow down that process with a little help!

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Products used in this video:
1. Eve Lom Make Up Remover
2. Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water
3. Jurlique Rose Foaming Cleanser
4. Foreo Luna for combination skin
5. OHUI The First cell source
6. Caudalie Overnight detox oil
7. O HUI Age recovery massage treatment
8. O HUI Cell lightening prism essence
9. O HUI massaging tool
10. Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye & Lip Cream
11. O HUI Cell lightening Prism Cream


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