Dr. Michael Greger | anti-aging, endometriosis, weight loss, keto diet, cancer….

Dr. Michael Greger  | anti-aging, endometriosis, weight loss, keto diet, cancer….

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His book ‘’How not to Die’’

Pre order his new book ‘’How not to Diet’’

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How can there be different outcomes by (whole food plant-based) doctors on soy products when there are clear studies on this?

Is there a daily limit intake for more processed soy products, such as tofu?

If oil doesn’t fit in a whole food plant-based diet, how do people on a Mediterranean diet seem to thrive on it?

Is there like a tipping point where one can consume too many whole food fats such as nuts, seeds, and avocados?

Vegan keto diet/ clean vegan diet: are there any benefits to that? Women with hormonal issues who would like to follow a plant-based diet are confused as to how to match this with the recommendations to follow a higher in fat.

Are there any anti-inflammatory effects when consuming fat?

The whole food plant-based diets is mostly focusing on reversing and preventing heart diseases, but what about cancer? Is that more difficult to prevent/reverse?

Is new research showing nuts are not as healthy as we thought?

What are the consequences if we do not consume salt at all? Why is salt intake promoted so much?

Can a high carb diet create any issues with hormones, blood sugar, and will it age us?

Will ‘’How not to diet’’ be mostly about calorie density?

Why ‘’stretching the stomach’’ and eating huge amounts of food is the way to lose weight

Will there be any calorie counting in the new book ‘’How not to diet’’?

The results of too much B12. What about the new research of high B12 levels in pregnant women?

Thalassemia minor and the advice to eat meat

Endometrioses and bladderwrack

How is dr. Greger training his muscles for bone health? Any resistance/weight training?

How does dr. Greger manage to eat healthy while traveling so much?

What is the pipeline after ‘’How not to diet’’?

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