Doctors Debunk Common Medical Myths

Doctors Debunk Common Medical Myths

Does sitting close to the TV really hurt your eyes? Does cold weather really make you sick? How about chewing gum? Does it really stay in your system for 7 years?!?! We’re talking all that AND more.

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1. “Chewing Gum Stays In Your System For Years”
“Don’t chew that gum or it will be inside you forever.” Although it is not meant to be swallowed, chewing gum really isn’t that harmful if it is. The great myth used to be that it will stay in your system for 7 years. We’re here to say that this is not true.

2. “Sitting Too Close to the TV Ruins Your Eyesight”
Another irritating lecture you got from your parents growing up was to never sit too close to the television, as it could permanently hurt your sight. This belief has a specific origin.

3. “Cold Weather Will Make You Sick”
One of the main precautions we take during the winter time is to bundle up so we don’t get sick. Is it really any wonder? Cold and flu warnings do double during this season. While some viruses, such as Rhinovirus, spread in cold temperatures, it is the germs that make you sick. Not the cold weather itself.

4. “Your Heart Stops When You Sneeze”
Let’s just get this out of the way. Your heart does NOT stop when you sneeze. Medical experts state that it simply gets thrown off of it’s rhythm. Very briefly mind you.

5. Weight Loss Tea Flushes Toxins Out of Your Body
Weight loss tea is all the rage among many in the fitness community. Certain teas are believed to cleanse the body of toxins. But the truth is our bodies naturally do this for us.

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