DocTalk Episode #30: Monday LIVE Q&A

DocTalk Episode #30: Monday LIVE Q&A

Join Dr. Darrell Wolfe as he answers your important questions on this Monday Q&A. – DocTalk Episode #30.

Topics And Discussions:

00:00:50 – Today’s Q&A
00:09:03 – Quickstart Guide Information
00:11:19 – Recently Started Clapping Technique For Hair Loss
00:19:44 – Pink Blood And Mucus Releasing From The Body
00:23:53 – How Would An Enlarged Heart Be Addressed
00:27:39 – Left Shoulder Scapula Pain And “Fat” Buildup
00:30:00 – Crystal Pendant Went Through The Washing Machine
00:31:00 – Eye Strain And Bright Eyes Drops
00:34:30 – Show On Padding And Clapping
00:37:20 – Parkinsons For 6 Years
00:40:40 – Twin C-Section And Miscarriages
00:47:49 – Fruit Sugars Compared To Artificial Sugar Information
00:49:13 – Tummy Tuck After A C-Section
00:52:24 – Vaccinations Are Ruining Children’s Lives
00:56:23 – Fiberclear Information
01:00:40 – Dermatitis Destroyed With The Perfect Day
01:10:38 – How To Come Off Blood Pressure Pills
01:15:21 – Detoxing From Chemo And Radiation

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