DocTalk Episode #27: Friday LIVE Q&A

DocTalk Episode #27: Friday LIVE Q&A

Join Dr. Darrell Wolfe as he answers your important questions on this Friday Q&A. – DocTalk Episode #27.

Topics And Discussions:

00:06:00 – Upcoming Lectures
00:09:00 – How To Avoid A Healing Crisis
00:15:30 – Why You Need To Be Structuring Your Water
00:18:10 – What To Do To Help A 6 Month Old With Eczema
00:25:25 – Stage 2 Breast Cancer With Mold Exposure
00:29:10 – 93 Year Old Woman With Macular Degeneration
00:34:45 – Diarrhea From Detox Tea, The Perfect Day
00:36:34 – How To Solve Leaky Gut And Where It Starts
00:40:30 – Reverse Osmosis And Distilled Water Information
00:41:30 – What Is The Best Juice To Have After Fasting
00:42:15 – How To Prepare For A Colonoscopy
00:44:40 – Premenopausal Symptoms
00:48:35 – Symptoms From Stress And Grief
00:54:20 – Lung Infections In Children
00:56:06 – Safest Dental Work Recommendation
00:57:30 – Not Able To Fall Asleep Without Rocking
01:04:30 – Two Time Cancer Thriver
01:16:40 – Unable To Sleep After Anesthetic Procedure
01:19:20 – Leaky Gut Action
01:23:00 – Fibroids For Entire Life
01:26:15 – What Is The Best Way To Reach Dr. Wolfe
01:28:00 – Cysts On Both Ovaries After A Full Body Ultrasound
01:32:00 – Bowel Movements Making It Hard To Breathe
01:41:00 – Coming Out Of Depression
01:43:30 – Can You Catch Shingles?

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