Do Japanese Massage Every Morning, See What Happens to Your Face

Do Japanese Massage Every Morning, See What Happens to Your Face

Puffiness, wrinkles, uneven tone… Skin problems don’t go away nearly as easily as they appear! Perhaps it’s time to try what people all over the world, including top models, do to get gorgeous and glowing skin in no time: the Japanese Asahi massage. You ready to find out more about this ultimate secret to flawless skin? Then watch our new video!

Who cannot do this massage 1:09
How to prepare for the massage 1:37
An outflow of lymphatic fluid 2:13
The area around your eyes 2:44
Your forehead 3:26
The area around your lips 3:47
Firming up the jawline 4:53
Your cheeks 5:27
Your chin 6:13
The A-zone 6:45


– You absolutely cannot do this massage if you have lymphatic system disorders, rashes, damaged skin, or the cold or flu. Yup, that means if you have serious acne, this massage isn’t for you and you’d better stick to other safer techniques.
– Before the session, make sure to wash your face and sanitize your hands. You can also use natural oil or cream to reduce friction with the skin.
– The most effective way to do it is to repeat each movement about 3 times, or 4 to 5 times for problem areas.
– With the pads of your middle and ring fingers, lightly press on the outer corners of the eyes. Maintaining this level of pressure, gently slide your fingers along your lower lids towards the inner corners of your eyes. Pause for a second, and then move your fingers upwards, drawing an arc under your eyebrows.
– Now it’s time for your forehead to join in on the fun. The movements here are also very simple: press the pads of your index, middle, and ring fingers to the center of your forehead and slide them out to your temples using zigzag motions.
– The area around your lips will require a bit more time and effort. Start by putting both of your hands on your chin. Press 3 fingers to the center of your chin and move them in a C-shape towards your upper lip.
– Put both of your hands on your chin and press 3 fingers on the center just like you did during your “around the lips” massage. Slide your hands to the inner corners of your eyes while keeping the level of pressure even.
– Press the left side of your jaw with your left palm. Then, move your right hand from the right outer edge of the jaw to the point right below the inner corner of your eye. Glide your fingers from the inner corner to your temple.
– Place your hands horizontally to the sides of your nose. Apply pressure using 3 fingers only and just swipe your fingers along your cheekbones in the direction of your temples.
– Without further ado, bring your wrists together with your palms spread like you just did in that last massage. From this position, tilt your head slightly forward and press the pads of your hands against your chin.
– Put your thumbs under your chin with the rest of your fingers meeting at the sides of your nose. You’re kind of forming a triangle around your mouth and nose. Leave your thumbs where they are but move the rest of your fingers from your nose to your temples, slightly pulling the skin outwards.

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