CouchTalk w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca 120: Why You Should Care About Your Pelvic Health w/ Dr. Brianne Grogan

CouchTalk w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca 120: Why You Should Care About Your Pelvic Health w/ Dr. Brianne Grogan

Pelvic floor health can decline for women of all ages, whether they’ve had a pregnancy or not. Though severe issues are more common after giving birth, some degree of trouble happens as a woman grows older. Dr. Brianne Grogan is here to talk about the link between pelvic floor health and mental health and what we can do to prevent the decline.

Brianne had her own pelvic floor scare when she went for a run 3 weeks post-partum and felt something shift to where it wasn’t supposed to be. She was determined to regain her pelvic health and now teaches other women and men how to protect themselves. Because for so many people, mental health is linked to pelvic health, and women who experience pelvic issues often experience feelings of loneliness, as well.

A women’s health physical therapist is a specialist who works exclusively with women to improve their pelvic floor health. If you’ve been experiencing issues, you should ask your doctor for a referral. Brianne explains what some of the symptoms of pelvic floor problems are and what you should look out for.

She also shares some great advice about easy lifestyle changes you can make right away to start improving your pelvic health. From regularly walking and Kegel exercises to her favorite butterfly position, every little change can have a positive impact. But you also need to be careful that you’re not overexercising that area as this can actually have a negative impact on your pelvic health.

Brianne talks about some of the less appealing topics of women’s health, but learning to use the toilet properly is so important for all of us. Make sure you’re never pushing your urine out and consider investing in a squatty potty. She also shares some tips on how we can prevent pelvic prolapse, which is a pretty scary experience for women.

Do you regularly practice Kegel exercises? Are you aware of how much you’re pushing while using the toilet? Have you heard of a women’s health physical therapist?


*How your pelvic floor health is linked to your mental health
*What a women’s health physical therapist does
*What some of the symptoms of pelvic floor problems are
*What lifestyle changes you can make to start improving your pelvic floor health right now
*How you can use the toilet properly
*How to prevent pelvic prolapse


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Dr. Anna Cabeca is an Emory University trained and board-certified Gynecologist and Obstetrician. In addition, she is board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and an expert in Functional Medicine and Women’s Health. She specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and natural alternatives, successful menopause and age management medicine.
Dr. Cabeca is a frequent national and international speaker on restorative and women’s health issues. She serves as a consultant and trainer for other physicians in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Functional Medicine Principles.
Dr. Cabeca is the creator of the highly acclaimed virtual transformational programs:,, and She is also the creator of the superfoods drink Mighty Maca™ and the new feminine anti-aging cream, Julva™.
Dr. Cabeca is passionate about supporting women (and the men that love them) in creating health and hormone balance for themselves as well as many generations to come.

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