Confident Women | 10 Things They Do and Don’t Do – Take the Assessment!

Confident Women | 10 Things They Do and Don’t Do – Take the Assessment!

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In this video, I share 10 things confident women do and don’t do. These confident boosters are principles to consider when showing up energetically in this world and with how you present yourself. It’s a check-in to see what is serving you.

– Blouse: other purple blouses – / / / / / /
– Leather Pants: Size up
– Cami:
– Handbag:
– Booties:
– Earrings:
– Ring:
– Foundation: in shade 310 Silk
– Blush: in Coquette Blush Duo – used both shades
– Eye Shadow: in Quarry /
– Lip Pencil: in Muse
– Lipstick: in Surely Pink
– Lip Gloss: in Angelic
– Fragrance:

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