Best Anti Aging Skincare Tips for 60’s and 70’s

Best Anti Aging Skincare Tips for 60’s and 70’s

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Best Anti Aging Skin care tips for 60s and 70s-
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Although anti aging skin care is important and can help slow down the appearance of aging, at this stage, it is the LACK of HORMONES that are causing aging in the skin vs hormones being the cause of other skin problems such as mid life acne, and hyperpigmentation.

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In this video, we go over the common traits for 60s and 70s skin and what the best cleanser for for mature skin would consist of, and what the best cream for mature skin would consist of.

Also the importance of other alternatives for exfoliation would be for mature skin.

Examples are given and why.

Hydrating gentle foaming cleanser-
Duo action Exfoliating Cleanser-

Md Derm Overnight Repair Cream-
Post Treatment cream (for those using Retin A or post treatment cream)-

Main differences between Intrinisc Aging and Photo Aging not just the physical attributes but what happens to the skins functions

One tip is reserved to the end that is an anti aging tip that helps the skin and the body but has nothing to do with skin care.

Aging of the skin at this stage is not about fine lines and wrinkles but what happens to the entire structutre of the skin.

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