Back Pain Core & Back Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Back Pain Core & Back Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

These back pain core and back pain strengthening exercises can help prevent back pain by developing a strong core and back. See Doctor Jo’s blog post about this at:

Core exercises are very important to make the back stronger. Here are some great core exercises for your back without having to use any equipment!

Get on your hands and knees in a quadruped position or all fours. Try to keep your back straight like a tabletop, and try to keep your neck in a neutral position so you don’t strain anything. Now lift one arm up and bring in straight forward. Alternate your arms, doing 10 on each side. If that is easy, then do the same thing with your legs, and alternate each side 10 times. If it is still easy, then lift your opposite arm and leg and the same time. If that is still too easy for you, then lift the same side arm and leg together. This one is really difficult, so if you can’t keep your form, don’t try it quite yet!

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Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


Back Pain Core & Back Strengthening Exercises:

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