Anti-Aging SkinCare – My Holy Grails That I Quit & Went Back To

Anti-Aging SkinCare – My Holy Grails That I Quit & Went Back To

Four Skincare Holy Grail Products I gave up and the horrible outcome at 61 years of age. Oils, Butters and Microdermabrasion System. I also talk about 2 Rimmel Foundations on mature skin. I talk about dating and love ( again and always!)
My Blue Tie-Dye Top By Oliva Sky –
My New Jeans: Signature LEVI Stauss & Co –
(This is not a sponsored video. All Products were bought with my own money)
Shea Butter Soap –Out of Africa
ALMOND OIL – ( Buy 1 get one free)
10 Oil Butter – Buy 1 at Ulta get a 2nd one 50% off
Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System –

My Video on 6 Months of Rosehip Seed Oil –
My Video On Shea Butter Soap –
My Video on Almond Oil –
My Skincare Routine:
Channel Mention: Nathalie The Beauty Diva –
Channel Mention: Joan –

SHEET MASK: By Nature Nourishing & Firming Face Mask With Rosehip Oil

My Makeup –
Hair: For Waves After Shampoo
Foundation: Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Wear –
Concealer – Physicians Formula
Lip – 9146 Wet & Wild – Mocha-licious –
Eyeliner – Maybelline Precise Pen
Shadow – MAKEUP REVOLUTION New-Trals vs. Neutrals –
Mascara – Cover Girl Lash Drama –
Brow Pencil –
Power: elf –
Music from Epidemic Sound ( )”/.
Song – “ Something Real “ – David Bjoerk

give me something real
give me something true
give me something painful
something I can feel
if this is how it ends
this is where it dies
this is where my heart breaks
I need to make YOU feel……
give me something real
just give me something real
something real
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Special Note:
To keep making the videos I love to make, it helps to have a little extra income at times…so with that in mind, a few times a year, I will accept payment for featuring a product I love on my channel. It will always be a product that I’ve chosen because I truly feel it is something that many of you may need or want to know about and use! I research not only the product but the company prior to accepting the offer and always with the understanding that it will be an 100% honest review on my part. I will never ever say I use a product when I do not. An (S) in the info box means the video has been sponsored and the company is giving you a coupon code! If you have any questions about this please write me 🙂 Love you!!! xxxoo Sue’s & Cooper xxxoooo


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