Anti Aging Food | Food for wrinkle free skin | एंटी एजिंग फूड | झुर्रियों का इलाज़ | No Wrinkles

Anti Aging Food | Food for wrinkle free skin |  एंटी एजिंग फूड | झुर्रियों का इलाज़ | No Wrinkles

Our skin is our largest organ and the first line of defence between our bodies and the outside world, protecting us from bacteria, viruses, pollution and chemical substances that we encounter daily. There are many factors that can impact skin health, such as hormonal changes and imbalances, genetic predisposition, chronic inflammatory or autoimmune conditions and ageing, but also lifestyle-related factors, such as high and prolonged stress levels, lack of exercise, poor sleep patterns, smoking, low hydration and diet. Just as what we put on our skin is absorbed, enters the bloodstream and affects how the skin looks, what we consume every day affects its structure and appearance.For example, excessive consumption of refined sugars and artificial sweetener can cause an increase in inflammation in the body and high inflammatory molecules levels can lead to a breakdown in collagen and elastin that contribute to skin strength and elasticity. Highly refined sugar and trans fats consumption could also cause raised free radicals and ‘advanced glycation end products’ production, which can cause inflammation too and hinder skin structure and appearance. Excessive caffeine consumption, whether from coffee or energy drinks, increases cortisol (main stress hormone in the body), which
then raises insulin levels, possibly leading to increased sebum production and breakouts in people with more sensitive and acne-prone skin.Luckily though, foods can also have a beneficial effect on our skin, as we can easily daily consume many nutrients that are involved in the formation of skin fibres, structure and in the protection of this amazing organ. Let’s take a look at some of the most skin-loving nutrients

Silica foods:
This trace element is necessary for collagen formation, it can help to regenerate tissues and skin, delay the aging process and it supports the binding of water molecules to cells. As we age, silica’s concentration in our tissues declines, so it’s important to include sources in our diet.


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