AgeMeter: Functional Age Test With Physiological Biomarkers | Crowdfunding Campaign

AgeMeter: Functional Age Test With Physiological Biomarkers | Crowdfunding Campaign

We are developing a diagnostic system to measure human functional age in comparison to chronological age, and assist in the assessment of anti-aging therapeutics. Please subscribe, share, and fund our campaign today! ►Campaign Link: ►Subscribe:

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As laboratories around the world work towards translating experimental anti-aging findings to human treatments, a self administered functional age test to validate interventions that aim to slow or reverse the aging process is greatly needed. This need has been voiced by many of the most renowned biologists of our day, such as Dr. George Church, Dr. David Sinclair, and Dr. Aubrey de Grey — all who have expressed support for our campaign.

Our goal is to develop a low-cost, modular touch screen device for integrating multiple cognitive & biometric assessment technologies. This can be used to gather, analyze, and compare data in aging research scientific studies, and thereby increase the pace of longevity research.

The AgeMeter device will measure functional biomarkers of participants, estimating the age at which a person physically functions, enabling researchers to validate measurements from genetic and biochemical aging interventions and reliably compare results across subjects, studies and approaches.

Many laboratories have published results indicating the reversal or delay of various biomarkers of aging in model organisms and human cells, including cellular biomarkers such as telomere length, epigenome methylation status, expression of proteins specific to senescent cells and others, as well as morphological and functional tests, such as appearance, gait and balance, memory tests, etc. Thus far, however, there has been no fully integrated approach that can easily collect a variety of different data points from human participants, reliably correlating the output to functional age and comparing this against chronological age.

The AgeMeter device will test the following functional biomarkers:

1. Auditory reaction time
2. Highest audible pitch
3. Vibrotactile sensitivity (sense of touch)
4. Visual reaction time
5. Muscle movement time
6. Lung: forced vital capacity
7. Lung: forced expiratory volume, 1 sec
8. Decision reaction time
9. Decision movement time
10. Memory
11. Alternate button tapping (muscle coordination)
12. Visual perception

Being able to easily evaluate the effectiveness of a potential aging treatment in this way will allow longevity research to proceed at a faster rate, because meaningful data in regards to lifespan effect can be gathered in the middle of a study, not just at the end.

Please subscribe, share, and fund our campaign today!

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