A 30 Year Old’s Skincare Routine (Morning & Evening) For Anti-Ageing & Acne Prevention!

A 30 Year Old’s Skincare Routine (Morning & Evening) For Anti-Ageing & Acne Prevention!

My FULL 15 step skincare routine (morning & night/Korean inspired!) – anti-ageing, wrinkle and acne prevention! A follow up to my ‘skincare habits I formed in my 20s’ video:

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►STEPS discussed in video!
1) Cleanse. If I’m not going to be wearing makeup, I wash with water! I NEVER put my face under the shower, that water is way too hot for your face – I love a steaming shower! My skin does be drier if I over wash it, and as I’ve usually layered moisturising products from the night before I only ever really need a splash of water to clean off the leftover creams from the night before. I don’t like to get rid of all the natural oils so a bit of water is sufficient to get rid of impurities that settle on my face. If I am wearing makeup and I want it to settle right I’ll use a non-foaming cleanser like the one shown in the video!
2) Toner/chemical exfoliant! I use an alcohol free nourishing/hydrating toner with glycolic acid 🙂
3) Watery essence (optional)
4) Serum! Hylaronic, which exists naturally in all living creatures, as I’m getting microneedling for scars…will elaborate in my November monthly vlog! Hylaronic can hold 1000 times its weight in water. Assists skin in preventing all moisture from leaving the skin!
5) Facial massage!
-Video mentioned of cute older lady:
-I often now use a cold face massager which tackles puffiness, only do it after serum or oil has been applied so it can slip easily along the contours of your face! Makes me look less tired and is very relaxing!
6) Eye cream! Skin around eyes is very sensitive and I have no wrinkles around my eyes yet as I’ve been keeping the skin there nourished for YEARS.
7) Moisturiser/sunscreen – broad spectrum…UVA, UVB and computer light ideally! If there is enough light to stimulate the retina, there’s enough light to impact the elastin in the skin/enough to lead to sun-induced premature ageing, wrinkles and an increased risk of cancer such as malignant melanoma and basal carcinoma. So it’s not just day light, it’s light that damages the skin. Wherever there’s light and you can see where you are going, the skin needs sunscreen!

Facial sprays/mists! LOVE them!

1) Double cleanse (micellar to remove makeup then oil or cream cleanser) – small amount, warm between palms, gently press onto skin, breath in the beautiful essential oils – so comforting, safe for eye area, massage into skin…full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, add a little water which turns it into a milk! Then use a cloth. Leaves skin feeling moisturised!
2) Toner – again!
3) Essence, again, optional!
4) Night oil (if using retinol then I won’t bother with the other steps, but I only use it about twice a week as it’s expensive!)
5) Masks like sheet masks – which I use about once or twice a month! I use other types of masks maybe once a week 🙂
6) Eye cream, again!
7) Moisturiser or, my fave: a sleep mask!

If we get 10,000 thumbs ups I’ll film an ASMR style skincare in action video! 🙂


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