4 Easy steps to control oily skin for men | Skin care for men India 2017

4 Easy steps to control oily skin for men | Skin care for men India 2017

“I TRIED GURU RANDHAWA’S HAIRSTYLE AND… | Long to short hair transformation for men| LAKSHAY THAKUR”
Another video on men’s skin care routine where Lakshay will be telling you about steps to control, maintain and remove oily skin just for men. Nowadays oily skin is really messy and leaves the person with greasy and unmanageable face. Follow the 4 simple steps and you can get a clear and fresh skin for the summers.

1. Cleansing/washing your face with a facewash is really necessary even for oily skin twice a day as it is the most important part of skin care for men.

2. Splashing water on face for freshness in order to remove the excess oil from the face and stay fresh at the same time.

3. Using a moisturizer as it will hydrate the skin but the moisturizer must be water soluble and easily absorbed by skin.

4. Dermatologist tested pimple creams will help to reduce acne/pimples because oily skin is prone to acne/pimples.

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