20 Head to Toe Beauty Secrets for Women Over 30…

20 Head to Toe Beauty Secrets for Women Over 30…

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Hello my friends…my first collab video ever……..I was invited to do this tag by Brianna Stanko and MrsJennMarie…I thought it was a great idea for ages 30 and up to get together and share our beauty anti aging secrets….Hope you enjoy….Be sure to check out the other 20 secret beauty tips below….Have a great day!

**20 Head to Toe Beauty Secrets for Women Over 30**
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Exfoliate: with manual or chemical
Moisture: Throughout the day and always at night…Hand Masking and Paraffin treatments are always good ( I also like to use my face enzyme mask on the backs of my hands)
Sunscreen is a must..
Manicures…cuticle care..
Cuticle removers I like: Orly and Mavala
Ridge filler : Mavala
Base coat for preventing yellow nails: Mavala Protective base coat.
Hydrogen peroxide to remove yellow
Denture tablets to remove yellow

Another good thing to do…Is give your nails a day of rest…wear nothing but a good nail oil on them…Olive oil from the kitchen is good too..

Hand Creams:
Colleen Rothschild

Remember, always think of your own budget…buy the best you can afford…there are so many products out there…it’s really about making the commitment …I have many videos with DIY mask in them…any of them can be used on the hands…

Products mention:
Sarita Glycolic wash ( glycolic wipes would work )
PTR Glycolic cleanser
Sugar and avocado oil from your kitichen
ECRINAL NAIL PRODUCTS: Fortifying cream (the BEST)
Zoya Nail polishes
Paraffin Machine ( purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond or Sally’s)
Vitamins I use for nails:
NEO CELL Super Collagen =C Type 1&2 ( BJ’s sell them for less)
PHYTO Phtyophanere ( these work for hair and nails) sephora
Vitamin D also supports nail health
I do not like Biotin, but it is popular for hair and nail health…I never saw any results using it… but that’s just me!

Hand and Nail brands I like:
Cuccio ( this is a professional SPA line of manicure and pedicure)
CND ( almond hand scrub is very good)
Ecrinal ( the blue nail serum and fortifying cream are the best)
Deborah Lippman
NON acetone nail remover

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